Pullman is together with Tur Bus one of the two largest Intercity bus companies in Chile and offers routes throughout the whole country. Pullman was founded in 1940 by Pedro Farías Soto and is currently the only company that connects Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas. Today, Pullman Bus has several subsidiaries or lines of buses, including Los LibertadoresLos Conquistadores and Buses Cidher. Pullman Bus offers Fullpass, which is a benefit program for frequent travellers and provides tickets for several important routes such as Santiago a La SerenaPuerto Montt, TemucoValdivia and Osorno. From Santiago, Pullman Bus buses depart from the Terminal Sur, the Terminal San Borja and the Terminal Alameda. On the route, Santiago a Temuco, Pullman Bus is in direct competition with companies like Tur Bus, Thaebus, Andimar and Buses ETM

Overview Pullman Bus
Foundation 1940
Operating fleet 1207
Popular destinations La Serena, Temuco, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt
Departures Santiago Terminal Alameda, Terminal Borja, Terminal Sur
Contact phone 600 600 0018 


Frequently asked questions Pullman Bus:

  1. What is the phone number of Pullman Bus?
    1. The phone number of the Pullman Bus callcenter is 600 600 0018 
    2. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  2. Do they offer a cargo service?
    1. Yes, Pullman Bus offers cargo services in the whole country
    2. For more information, visit www.pullmancargo.cl
  3. How does Pullman Fullpass work?
    1. The Fullpass program is now called Pullman Bus and offers varios benefits for the users.
    2. With every purchase in one of the Pullman Group companies, you collect points to travel for free
  4. How do I subscribe for Pullman Pass?
    1. You only have to fill this form online or register in any of the phisical agencies of Pullman Bus
  5. From which terminals does Pullman Bus leave in Santiago
    1. Pullman Bus leaves from different terminals, depending on the destination. You have to revise your ticket.
    2. The terminals in Santiago are: Terminal Alameda, Terminal Borja and Terminal Sur

Ratings of Pullman

4.0 of 5 stars

On average, Pullman has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 points on recorrido.cl. This rating is based on the comments of 1 travelers during the last 6 months who evaluated the 3 categories: punctuality, service on board and quality of the bus.

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Offices and phone numbers of Pullman

Destinations of Pullman Bus

I and XV Region  

Arica – Terminal Arica 

Iquique Terminal de Iquique

II and III Region


Copiapo, Diego de Almagro, Vallenar

IV Region of Coquimbo

Coquimbo Terminal Coquimbo

La Serena Terminal La Serena

V Region of Valparaíso

Valparaíso Terminal Valparaíso

Viña del Mar Terminal Viña del Mar

XIII and VI Region

Santiago Terminal San Borja / Terminal Sur

Rancagua Terminal Rancagua - O’Higgins

VII Region of Maule

Cauquenes, Curico, Linares, Talca

VIII Region of Biobío

Concepcion – Terminal Concepción - Collao

Los ÁngelesTerminal Santa Maria de Los Ángeles

IX Region of Araucanía


XIV Region of Los Ríos

Valdivia Terminal Valdivia

X and XII Region

OsornoPuerto MonttPuerto Varas

Punta Arenas

Seat Categories

Pullman offers the following categories of seat:

  • Semi Cama: Leather equipped seats with a maximum incline of 60°, heating and air conditioning, snacks, service assistant on board, TV/DVD, pillow and blankets.
  • Cama: Extra wide leather equipped seats with a maximum incline of 65 °, heating and air conditioning, snacks, tray support for feet, service assistant on board, TV/DVD, pillow and blankets.
  • Cama Premium: Extra wide, leather equipped seats with a maximum incline of 180°, heating and air conditioning, snacks, tray support for feet, service of assistant on board, TV / DVD, pillow and blankets. 

(*) The Intercity bus service of the Pullman Bus holding can be done by any buses of its affiliates. Furthermore, we recommend to pay attention to the arrival of the bus.

The Ministry of transport and telecommunications evaluates the safety of Pullman Bus every half a year. According to the ranking Ranking de Infracciones cursadas a Buses Interurbanos de Empresas Extra Grandes Julio a Diciembre 2016 (N°10) del Ministerio de Transportes y Telecomunicaciones (Spanish content only), the company Pullman Bus has a violation average rate (last 4 rankings) of 12.72%. 



The ranking of violation of Pullman Bus in detail


% of violation

01.07.2016 - 31.12.2016 13,1% 01.01.2016 - 30.06.2016 13,5%

01.07.2015 - 31.12.2015


01.01.2015 - 30.06.2015