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Ratings of Cikbus Elité / Ciktur

3.8 of 5 stars

On average, Cikbus Elité / Ciktur has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 points on recorrido.cl. This rating is based on the comments of 1651 travelers during the last 6 months who evaluated the 3 categories: punctuality, service on board and quality of the bus.

Highlighted opinions from travellers

Sonia V. on 04/18/2024


Juan A. on 04/18/2024


Nancy C. on 04/17/2024

Los asiento demasiado cerca, si el pasajero de adelante reclina en la totalidad su asiento, al pasajero que va detrás no le permite moverse. solo eso lo demas excelente

Offices and phone numbers of Cikbus Elité / Ciktur

Categories of seats

CIKBUS Elité offers the following categories of seats:

  • Semi Cama: Seats with recline of 60 degrees, tray support for feet, air conditioning / heating, TV/DVD, pillow and blankets, together with auxiliary service on medium- and long-distance routes.
  • Salon Cama: Comfortable seats with a maximum recline of 65° (Salon Cama). Including service on board, breakfast for long distance tours, pillows, blankets and tray support for feet.

CIKBUS Elité buses are also equipped with: Air conditioning, cafeteria, cooling boxes, electric oven, TV, DVD devices, heating, pillows, blankets, and seat belts.