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Ratings of Cikbus Elité / Ciktur

3.8 of 5 stars

On average, Cikbus Elité / Ciktur has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 points on recorrido.cl. This rating is based on the comments of 1174 travelers during the last 6 months who evaluated the 3 categories: punctuality, service on board and quality of the bus.

Highlighted opinions from travellers

Lea D. on 09/22/2023

Me deja una gran impresión. Muy buen servicio.

Antonia C. on 09/22/2023

Muy bueno y moderlo

Sergio J. on 09/22/2023

Solicité ajustar la a calefacción porque estaba muy alta y se mantuvo así durante la mayor parte del trayecto. No se modificó.

Offices and phone numbers of Cikbus Elité / Ciktur

Categories of seats

CIKBUS Elité offers the following categories of seats:

  • Semi Cama: Seats with recline of 60 degrees, tray support for feet, air conditioning / heating, TV/DVD, pillow and blankets, together with auxiliary service on medium- and long-distance routes.
  • Salon Cama: Comfortable seats with a maximum recline of 65° (Salon Cama). Including service on board, breakfast for long distance tours, pillows, blankets and tray support for feet.

CIKBUS Elité buses are also equipped with: Air conditioning, cafeteria, cooling boxes, electric oven, TV, DVD devices, heating, pillows, blankets, and seat belts.