The Mission

We believe travelling is essential to learn about our planet and people. By exploring other cultures and landscapes we extend our personal horizon and can make the world a better place. Bus rides are not only the cheapest way of public transportation, they are also the most common. You use them to visit your family, to discover remote places planes will never reach and to go on spontaneous trips to friends at the beach or in the mountains. It is time to connect modern technology with the world's most important means of travel.

The Service

recorrido is a bus travel search website, which allows the user to compare the prices and schedules of the major bus operators in Chile. We make planning your trip a pleasure by offering you all the information you need at a glance. Choose the best trip according to your own preferences: filter by price, schedule or quality.

The Story

We are a team of Germans who love travelling and adventures. That's why we went on a trip through the Andes region in South America after our graduation in spring 2013. It turned out to be game-changing: We met a huge variety of different people and cultures in the most remote regions of our earth. Back in Germany we were amazed by all the things we experienced, but we also thought about the struggles to find an easy way to travel from one city to another.