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Bus tickets from Villarrica to Pucón are being sold from Igillaima, Condor Bus, Narbus, Buses Jet Sur, Pullman, Buses Los Conquistadores, Andesmar Chile, Buses JAC, Buses Liquiñe.

The bus travel from Villarrica and Pucón takes approximately 37 minutes.

The distance between Villarrica to Pucón is 47 kms and you can choose between the services Classic, Semi Cama, Salón Cama, Salón cama individual; dependent on the bus company you travel with (Igillaima, Condor Bus, Narbus, Buses Jet Sur, Pullman, Buses Los Conquistadores, Andesmar Chile, Buses JAC, Buses Liquiñe).

Information about the city Villarrica

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Santiago a Villarrica

Jet Sur


09:00 10:00 13:45 20:30 21:45 22:00 22:30

Santiago a Villarrica

Andesmar Chile


09:30 22:05

Santiago a Villarrica

Pullman Bus


21:45 23:10

Santiago a Villarrica Prime Bus $25.000 22:00 22:50

Information about the city Pucón

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Santiago a Pucón

Buses JAC


Semi Cama

Monday to Sunday

11:30 21:05 22:10 22:30 23:00

Santiago a Pucón

Jet Sur


Semi Cama

Monday to Sunday

10:10 20:00 22:00

Santiago a Pucón



Semi Cama

Monday to Sunday


Pucón (Mapudungun: "entrance to the cordillera") is a Chilean city and commune administered by the municipality of Pucón. It is located in the Province of Cautín, Araucanía Region, 100 km to the southeast of Temuco and 780 km to the south of Santiago.

Pucón's location by a lake and volcano, along with its relatively stable climate, especially in summer,[4] make it a popular destination for tourists. It offers a variety of sports and adventure/recreational activities for tourists, including water skiing, snow skiing, backpacking, white water rafting and kayaking, horse back riding, natural hot springs, zip line rides, and guided ascents of Villarrica volcano.

Source: Pucón / Wikipedia

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