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About recorrido

What is recorrido offering?: Recorrido is a comparison- and booking platform for intercity bus tickets in Chile. Just enter the date, departure and destination and you get an instant overview about almost all available offers. For certain bus operators you are able to purchase your ticket right away on our website: Just choose your seat, enter your personal data and you’ll receive your booking confirmation right away.

Why should I buy my ticket on recorrido?: Because it’s the most convenient option. We’re bringing all advantages of e-commerce to bus travelling: You get an instant overview about all available offers, can filter the results according to your preferences, check out and book your ticket easily with the most common payment methods.

Geographical coverage: Currently we are covering Chile, Argentina and Peru. Our goal is to deliver you our service across every country in Latin America.

Are you providing an App?: Yes. You can download the app for Android here and for iPhone here

Can I buy tickets on recorrido?: Yes, you can already book a large part of the bus tickets directly on our website. You can identify the bookable options with the “bookable icon” on the very right and with the colorous purchase button. In case you chose a non-bookable offer, we’re redirecting you directly to the website of the bus company.

It might not be possible to buy the ticket on the website of the bus operator, either because you’re using an unsupported device or because you are using un-supported payment methods.

We're working very hard to deliver the same convenience of direct booking on our website across all bus companies.

Data & Security

What Happens With My Personal Data? Is It Secure?: Yes. We're working with the latest security standards and are providing a 512-bit SSL certificate that ensures the security of your personal data at any given time.

Search & Results


How can I perform a search?: Just enter departure, destination and date and we will give you an overview about almost all available offers in the market. If you want to book a round-trip, just enter a return date.

After I Selected My Departure City, I Cannot Select My Desired Destination. Why?: We're working with an intelligent search mask. What does that mean? If you select a given city as your departure city, we will just display cities that are available as a destination. This ensures that you won't end up with a blank result list when there is no direct bus available. In the future we will develop a feature to change your bus in a given city. This will enable you to search for almost every route.

I did a search, but I want to change it. How?: Just click on "Change your route" and our search mask will pop up again, where you can adjust the input to your needs.

The search takes some time. Why?: Like on despegar or other booking platforms we’re gathering a lot of data from the available sources. This leads to an extended loading time of results.

Why can’t I search for buses to Peru or Bolivia?: Currently we’re just covering Chile We will integrate other countries in the future.


Can I sort or filter my results?: Yes and yes. You can find the sort option in the top right corner of the result list. Sort by best price or best service.

To filter your results, take a look to the left side of your screen. You can adjust departure times, filter out certain service classes or set a maximum price to display.

I applied a filter and now I don’t see any results anymore. Why?: Your selected filter eliminated all results, this means that no company is offering a service according to your preferences.

I’ve been travelling with other bus companies in Chile, but you don’t show them. Why?: We’re able to show bus operators that are already selling online. If you travelled with a bus company, that only sell its tickets offline, we can’t display the information. But we’re working hard to integrate the entire market.



Is it safe to use my bank details or my credit card on recorrido?: Yes. We're working with the latest security standards and are providing a 256-bit SSL certificate that ensures the security of your personal data at any given time. We are not saving any personal data and do not use it for other purposes than the purchase of the bus ticket itself.

How do I buy my ticket

On recorrido: You can book your ticket comfortably on recorrido using our check-out process. There is no need to register or log-in to buy your ticket. We don’t charge anything for using recorrido. Our service is and will always be completely free.

At the bus operators websites: All bus companies you can see on recorrido offer online sales on their website. For bus companies that are not yet implemented on recorrido, we redirect you to the relevant website. In that case the ticket is not booked through recorrido.

At the counter: Some of the bus companies show a list of their physical points of sales on their website. You can also buy your ticket at one of those counters but in that case the ticket is not booked through recorrido.

Available payment methods: For Chile: We offer you to pay comfortably in Chilean Pesos (CLP) with your Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa) or Debit Card using Webpay Plus. For foreigners: We also offer to pay in US Dollars (USD) with PayPal.

Does the Debit- or Credit Card I pay with need to be one of the passenger?: No, you can use any Credit- or Debit Card to buy your ticket.

My ticket

How do I receive my ticket?: At the end of the booking process you can directly download your booking confirmation as a PDF. This booking confirmation allows you to get your ticket at any counter of the relevant bus company. Simultaneously we send you a confirmation email that also includes your booking confirmation and the travel information

How long does it take to receive my booking confirmation after I paid?: You receive the booking confirmation immediately

Do I need to print the booking confirmation once I paid?: Yes, because you need to present your booking confirmation at the counter of the relevant bus operator in order to receive your ticket which allows you to enter the bus.

Can I show my confirmation email on my phone if I forget to print my booking confirmation?: No, a virtual confirmation is not sufficient to get your ticket.

I have lost my booking confirmation, what do I do?: We sent you your booking confirmation via mail. But in case you can’t find your booking confirmation anymore, please contact us via

I haven’t received a confirmation but I have made the payment: Please check the spam folder of your mail provider first. In case you can’t find your ticket, please contact us via

Can I give my ticket to a friend?: No, because the tickets are personalized and your identity will be checked in the bus. In case you want to change the traveler, you need to refund your ticket and book a new one with the name of your friend.

My trip

Arrival time at the terminal: We suggest to arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before the bus departs.


Conditions for cancellations of tickets bought via recorrido: In general it is just possible to cancel your ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure date of your bus. For further information please see the Conditions of cancellations and refunds.

How can I return my ticket?: You just have to click on the link to cancel a ticket in the footer of our website. Enter your personal data, the ticket number and click on “cancel” to return your ticket. Recorrido will confirm the receipt of the cancellation by sending you an e-mail.


My bus didn’t show up / didn’t go. Who do I contact?: Please contact directly the bus company you booked your travel with. You can find all contact data here.

The payment process didn’t finish. Did you charge me? What can I do?: In case a payment is unsuccessful we didn’t charge anything. We encourage you to try the payment again or with another payment method.

The service of a bus company was inconvenient. Where can I leave my comments?: Please contact directly the bus company you traveled with. You can find all contact data here.

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